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"Rainfall and Bullets" would not have been possible without first and foremost God. Belief and faith in Him has made it possible.  Even when I have felt that I am not deserving, HE feels that I am because of what he sees in our hearts, which is to share the talent that I believe He has blessed me with.

I would like to thank my son, Jerome (21) for believing in me, and my daughter, Tatiana (16), for showing me love when I needed it most.  I must thank Elaine Harris for her undying love and support. Thank you Ms. Ryan-Dwyer for your belief in me and your encouragement and reading the initial stages of "Rainfall and Bullets".  Thanks to Melanie Sanpietro for being "Rainfall and Bullets" first critic (I still have your emails!)

Quotes that have driven me:   

"I tell every young writer to find the material about which he or she can become passionate, work hard at using the language as well as he/she can use it—and to persevere. Throughout my career, until recently, I was continually told that my books would never hit big, that I couldn't mix genres the way I did, that my stories were too eccentric, that my vocabulary was too large and therefore limited the potential size of my audience, that even the very subtle spiritual elements in my work were too prominent and would bore or flat out offend modern readers, that readers didn't want stories with as much thematic freight as mine carried . . . blah, blah, blah. I was even told these things, relentlessly, after I'd seen my books rise to the number one slot on best-seller lists. What every young writer has to realize is that if he or she is doing something truly fresh, it will not immediately be supported, will not win big ad budgets, will not be understood. You must keep an open mind to criticism if it's about technical matters—that is, about grammar and syntax, about logic holes and clear story problems—but must diplomatically reject all criticism that relates to style, intent, theme. If you have clear and passionate purpose in your writing, something to say, and a determination to say it in a way unique to you, if you can explain to yourself exactly why you are doing what you're doing in the way you are doing it—then you have to stand fast and politely resist all attempts to change you. At the end of the day, if you write with conviction and passion, then the world will come around to your stories. If you bend too much to the will of others, you'll be reduced to blandness, to vanilla fiction, and no one will care. It also helps to sell your soul to Lucifer." - Dean Koontz

"Don't minimize your accomplishments with unnecessary adjectives (ie.
"baby" steps). Look at each advancement as progress in a large degree
to maintain your positive outlook instead of a small victory. I know
it's just a figure of speech but I had to remove all descriptions that
made what I was doing sound small or minimal in any way. I think and
dream big so I will never reach a destination of success. Instead I
will travel a continuous journey to reach a plateau that's higher than
the one I was standing on yesterday." - Charles Culp, an excellent motivator, a great friend with his own ambitions and dreams of which I am sure he shall attain.

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