I was born in Newfoundland, Labrador, Canada and raised in Yorktown, Virginia.  I enlisted in the United States Air Force as a Security Forces Specialist , in January 1990 and 15 years later retrained into the Logistics Plans career field.  I retired from active duty on 1 April 2010.  Within the Security Forces arena, I have small arms training/experience, individual and team tactical movement, and a security and law enforcement operations background.  I also served as a narcotics/explosives detection, attack, and obedience dog handler and trainer.  Under the Logistics Plans umbrella, I have experience in deploying personnel and equipment to overseas locations as well as contingency planning.  My military career has allowed me to travel extensively throughout the United States.  I have also had the pleasure of being stationed at the following overseas locations:  England (2 yrs), Panama (4 years), Spain (2 months), Germany (1 month), Kuwait (2 months), Egypt (3 months), Korea (1 yr), Bolivia (2 months), Honduras (6 months).  I am fluent in Spanish and have a passion for the latin culture.  I enjoy reading, writing, movies, billiards, listening to all types of music, and dancing (reggaeton, merengue, r&b)!!! I'm an extreme extrovert and love meeting interesting and creative people. 
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